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Choosing the best app for your child’s online safety

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To determine how parents protect their children online,  FYI play it safe recently conducted a digital survey, and found that although 99.7% of parents worry about the risks that online communication and social media pose to their children, 25% give their child a device without setting up any type of controls. A further 35% set screen time limits and control which apps their children can download. 

Alarmingly, only 3 out of 10 parents do the setup of their children’s devices and use the content filtering options to ensure their children are not exposed to inappropriate content.

We also found that, although parents are worried about their children’s use of smartphones, parents were not sure what to do about this and how to find the right solution.

FYI play it safe was found by a concerned parent to help other concerned parents. We know that, while we do everything to try and protect our children, there is no fail-proof method or app. We have to make sure that, should our children be exposed to any harmful situation, we will know about it.

We need a tool that will protect our children, but at the same time respect their privacy. These are the reasons every parent should choose FYI play it safe as their app of choice.

It is not spyware

The basis of FYI play it safe is “protect them, but respect them”. Parents will not see all the content on their children’s devices, but rather only be alerted when their child is exposed to a potentially harmful situation such as signs of cyberbullying, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, when they talk to strangers or predators, or if they engage in adult content such as pornography, sexting or any form of drugs.

FYI play it safe monitors the actual contents of your child’s online activity and as soon as there is anything to be concerned about, it will alert you so you have a fair chance to intervene and to have a conversation with your child about the situation. Only you can see the alerts and rest assured that no one else has access to it.

FYI play it safe monitors ALL apps

Yes, that’s true! Every single app your child uses. Whether your child is doing a google search, chatting with his online gaming friends in a chat room, or using social media. As a parent, you don’t have to read through thousands of messages to determine if they are in danger. FYI play it safe does that for you. 

FYI play it safe distinguishes between priority and blacklisted apps

The app distinguishes between priority applications, which are monitored more closely, and “blacklisted” applications which pose an even bigger risk to children. The first category includes the use of chat apps, social media accounts, or internet browsers, where FYI play it safe zooms into the details of what is being said and commented on. In the second category, we believe that parents should know when their children engage with the app, regardless of the content. Typical examples of these are where children use anonymous chat apps, talking to strangers, or apps that can expose them to adult- and other inappropriate content.

FYI play it safe understands your child’s slang

We know that tweens and teenagers use their own language and parents don’t always understand the meaning of the words and phrases they use. FYI play it safe uses artificial intelligence, which is continuously updated with the latest teenage slang. 

FYI play it safe doesn’t need the user IDs and passwords of your child’s online accounts

There are so many apps that our children use and even within apps, some of them have more than one account. Because of the smart technology that FYI play it safe is built on, we capture whatever your child engages with on the device’s screen. We don’t need any user IDs and passwords to monitor their activity. That means that, if they create a new account, it is monitored by default.

FYI play it safe monitors even deleted, disappearing, or self-destructing messages

A lot of apps have the ability to have messages self-destruct or disappear. While this is an advantage in some cases, such as when you make a mistake and want to “unsend” a message, this also poses a great risk. We can no longer rely on what we see, because we won’t have access to the other messages which disappeared.   

Thankfully, FYI play it safe monitors content as it happens, so before a message can disappear or be deleted, it would’ve been analysed already!

FYI play it safe is easy to set up

FYI play it safe takes less than 10 minutes to set up, with easy steps. Download the app at and follow the easy three-step sign-up process to start your free 7-day trial. Step-by-step instructions and video recordings are available to guide you through the process.

In conclusion, FYI play it safe is the app every parent needs. It’s the app that will alert you if something is going on in your child’s online world that you have to talk about. Be a cyber-smart parent!

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