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Brainline, pushing the boundaries of online schooling

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Many learners find that they do not fit into the current school system. However, the 21st century has paved the way for an alternative form of education, which is facilitated by the latest technology and offers a new and innovative option to learners of the digital age.

For more than 35 years, Brainline has been a leader in the area of home education, with a virtual school that offers virtual classes as well as assessment from Grade 1 to Grade 12. These classes are presented by qualified teachers, with all the elements of a traditional school, but adapted to your own lifestyle.

Brainline is a home education CAPS curriculum provider, enabling you to complete Grades R – 12 from home. Our service offering is extensive:

  • The IEB-aligned product includes live classes and has a set time schedule that must be adhered to.
  • Brainline is proud of its cohort of qualified teachers who present these classes, which are recorded for future reference. 
  • Valid and compliant assessment is managed by an independent division, Assessment Aspects. 
  • The BrainlineEXPRESS product provides tasks, tests and examinations for Cycle 1 – 3, which may be completed and marked by yourself at your own pace.
  • You may also enrol for the final examination, marked by Brainline, at an additional fee. The latter is recommended if you wish to obtain an academic report for presentation to an educational institution.

Brainline is recognised by the Independent Examinations Board, which means that learners follow the South African national curriculum (similar to the curriculum offered in South African public schools,) resulting in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) upon successful completion of their matric exams, but the curriculum is aligned to the superior standards of the IEB.

At the helm of the Brainline Team is co-founder and CEO, Coleen Cronje.

‘Home education in South Africa has experienced significant growth over the last few years. Several factors have driven this growth as an alternative option, ranging from increasingly sophisticated distance e-learning technology to an ever-growing network of tutors. Because it’s based on individual needs, home education can provide a safe space for children who may have found the traditional schooling environment challenging.’

Meanwhile, Covid-19 has forever changed the school environment and many schools are still making use of a rotating roster whereby learners only attend school on alternative days, putting more pressure on adhering to high academic standards and completing the curriculum as required. Cronje says while there has been calls for the Department of Basic to scrap the rotating system, now is the opportune time to look at restructuring the current traditional school system by phasing in e-learning elements.

‘The pandemic has made online access to learning and teaching essential and urgent. It is therefore important that the basic education authorities partner with the private sector to empower learners and teachers programmes with data, devices and ICT training as a start. This will go a long way to ensure a fairer education system as e-learning and mobile learning could serve as an additional learning resource that can assist in accessing learning tools,’ Cronje says.

Meanwhile, Cronje says as an online school, Brainline, who also adheres to the CAPS-curriculum, has been able to continue uninterrupted despite disruptions due to Covid over the last 2 years. She says learners have been able to access weekly online classes, provided by qualified teachers.

Enrol now for 2023 and save! Brainline is the ultimate online schooling option for students who:

  • Require a flexible education solution
  • Can’t attend live classes
  • Need to work at their own pace
  • Are not comfortable in a traditional classroom setting

Enrol now for 2023 and receive a 15% discount. Use code: EarlyBird15. Valid from 1 – 12 August 2022.

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