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Going to camp is more than just an adventure away from home. Camp is an investment in your child’s character, personal growth, skill sets, and future. In our time of rapid development of artificial intelligence and a booming digital world, it has become of utmost importance to teach and implement 21st-century skills in our children. The […]

Is your child finished with school and not sure what is next?  Don’t settle for traditional academics, take your child’s learning to the next level. Our programs are open to over 17-year-olds, high school graduates, gap year students, university students and graduates, or anyone taking a breather between careers. Men and women. No prior experience […]

Summer Camp is a great place for children to get some much-needed time out from mom and dad and form relationships with other authoritative, yet not as threatening, figures like camp counselors. The role of a counselor is not only that of a guardian and caretaker but a friend as well. Camper-counselor relationships provide long-lasting […]

Located in the tropical KZN North Coast, Sugar Bay is the first and only American-style summer camp located in South Africa. We have over 19 years of experience in providing a safe and fun holiday destination for children.  We strive to host the best adventure holiday camps for kids and teens. For more information or to book a camp, […]

Have your children been feeling lonely missing their friends during the lockdown? We can all agree this year has been a hard and strange one. It has also been a stressful time for our children – not knowing when they will be going back to school and having to keep a safe distance from grandparents […]

At Sugar Bay holiday camp, your kids can explore, conquer the unknown, and challenge themselves in a trustworthy and supportive environment. BMX’ing  Whether your child wants to race or is simply looking for a creative way to explore Zinkwazi, BMX’ing at holiday camp combines the zing of a fast-paced sport with the beauty and serenity […]

Sugar Bay is a luxury holiday camp in Kwa-Zulu Natal, for children between the ages of 7 and 17 years old. We offer over 100 activities, including surfing, skate boarding and ropes courses. Our newest activities are airsoft (which is similar to paintball) and tie dye. None of our activities are compulsory and children are given the freedom to choose what they would like to do. We have qualified staff known as camp counselors, who look after the children 24/7. No child is ever left alone and we have a strict supervision ratio of one counselor to every three children.

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