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It’s a lament often heard. There are, however, two sides to every story and the problem doesn’t always lie with the medical scheme. There are a variety of reasons for non-payment ranging from members not following the correct claiming procedures or rules, benefits not being depleted or even providers not billing correctly. Gerhard Van Emmenis, […]

Parenting is a joy but it can also be overwhelming and just a little daunting. There is no degree or diploma, you are simply launched into it and there’s a steep learning curve.  You instantly have a new life depending on you and, combined with sleep deprivation, the challenges of adjusting to being a parent […]

Most medical aids have launched their benefits and premium contributions for 2017 and, as in the past, the increases passed on to members are double figures, which outstrip inflation. Bear in mind that your actual increase may be somewhat different because often these are weighted, vary from option to option or even from dependant to […]

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