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Lee Callakoppen, Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund talks about pneumonia: According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a child dies from pneumonia every 30 seconds. Which means that around 1.1 million children, under the age of five, die each year. This is more than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. What is pneumonia? Pneumonia is […]

Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund gives five facts about flu: Flu strains, like fashion, change every year The latest flu strain South Africa can expect is nick-named ‘Aussie Flu’. This particular strain – H3N2 – is a subtype of influenza A. The virus has, in fact, been around for a whilebut unfortunately the […]

It can be rather daunting trying to understand the terms in your medical aid plan and all the detailed information about your benefits.  Medical Schemes and the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) use certain terms in reference to benefits.  They can be tricky to fathom. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, as […]

Medical aid members know that pre-authorisation ahead of a medical procedure is always required but does pre-authorisation mean it’s an agreement to pay in full? No, not necessarily. This is the cause of a great deal of confusion and unhappiness from medical aid members as well as doctors and hospitals. Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer […]

Private medical aid members can breathe a sigh of relief after the budget speech. Treasury has been hinting for a while that they were considering reducing of the medical tax credit to fund the National Health Insurance (NHI), fortunately, it remains unchanged for the year ahead. Although it was a relief to members it was […]

Members of Bonitas Medical Fund will now have access to free lifestyle vouchers as well as discounted offers on gap cover and financial services products through the Fund’s new multi-insurer platform. This is not another Loyalty programme. ‘Our members’ health has always been a priority and we strive to make healthcare as affordable as possible,’ […]

As each new year begins medical aid members start with a clean slate, with new benefits and replenished savings available. ‘If you manage your medical expenses correctly you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses and limit the possibility of running out of benefits,’ says Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund. Van Emmenis, gives some […]

Medical aid terms can be as difficult to decipher as your doctor’s handwriting. That’s why knowing medical aid speak is essential if you are going to understand your medical cover says Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas Medical Fund. 1. Medical schemes Medical schemes are not-for-profit and owned by the members of the scheme. […]

When it comes to medical aid, affordability is usually the biggest consideration.  However, monthly premiums should be weighed and balanced against the actual benefits and healthcare coverage being offered in order to make an informed decision.  The biggest question around medical aid costs is why healthcare inflation is rising at such an alarming rate and […]

It’s business as usual for medical aids… While the NHI remains a work in progress in terms of policy and planning, currently nothing changes in terms of medical aid schemes. As the NHI White Paper stipulates: Until the new system is fully implemented and operational, it is ‘business as usual.’  And, even when NHI is […]