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Around 9 000 babies are born to Bonitas Medical Fund members annually and while most of these little members are welcomed into the world without any hitches, about 20% of pregnant moms experience complications during childbirth. Many experience challenges of some kind during their pregnancy, or immediately after the birth of their child. For this reason, the Fund is making maternity education and support a focus for 2020. The aim is to offer pregnant members all the support and guidance they need to improve their health and that of their baby. It is about making the pre- and post- birth period as stress-free and healthy as possible.

Private and public healthcare has been in the news lately and will continue to be a topic of discussion around the Department of Health’s proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill as well as the current socioeconomic landscape.  Traditionally in September, private medical aids present their products, plans and pricing for 2020 to existing members, or […]

It is estimated that around 10 million – or 20% – of South Africans are abusing substances. This is according to the South African Society of Psychiatrists. Whether it is alcohol, codeine, dagga, heroin or other drugs it’s a very worrying statistic that costs the private and public healthcare industry millions annually in rehabilitation and recovery.

‘I wanted to give Bonitas a big hug and say thank you for changing our lives. The approval had an enormous impact on our family and would change our child’s life forever. The decision to pay for everything, even the shortfall, was made by caring humans. What might have seemed like a black and white decision for them, was a life changing one for our family. I hope they realise just how many people were touched by this ONE decision. How it created a ripple effect that will continue for years to come. ‘

‘South Africa is heading for a disaster if the number of people living with chronic lifestyle diseases does not change.’ That’s what both the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the Medical Research Council warned two years ago. The Council described the problem of these non-communicable diseases as an ‘emerging epidemic’.  If you look at […]

Lifestyles or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) – such as diabetes – have become an epidemic in South Africa which is why preventative and managed healthcare has become all important. Whether you rely on the public or private healthcare system it is critical that you manage your health and lead a healthy lifestyle, to prevent long term […]

Going through a divorce can be extremely harrowing and stressful, not just for the couple themselves but also for their children. And, given the divorce statistics released recently by StatsSA, divorce is on the increase.  More than 25 390 divorce papers were filed in 2017, four in 10 divorces came from marriages that lasted less than […]