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By Danielle Barfoot, written for Impaq (Formally known as Impak Onderwysdiens) The scheduled academic year for mainstreamers may already be in full swing, but the great thing about teaching your child yourself is that you can start – or switch to – home education at any time. Whether this is the first time you are […]

Home education was legalised in South Africa in 1996 and has been increasing in popularity ever since. FutureLearn, a distance education provider for learners in the schooling phase, estimates that there are currently around 90 000 home-education learners in South Africa, of which more than 16 000 makes use of their products and services. And, […]

If you’ve recently completed Grade 12, you’ll know that your matric results can lead to many exciting opportunities. Your matric certificate can help you get into the university or course of your choice, it looks great on your CV and it can help you ace that job interview by showing that you have the necessary […]

by Prof Rita Niemann Gerlach (2004) explained that collaborative learning is in essence a natural social act, implying talking about and discussing topics, which results in learning. In applying collaborative learning in terms of an educational approach, it means learners working together to solve problems or challenges in order to complete a task. How can collaborative […]

While most parents spend considerable time preparing for the beginning of the school year, not much thought is given to the end of the year. For the most part, both parents and children are simply thankful to have survived another school year! However, helping children wrap up the year on a positive note, and encouraging […]

We all know why it is important for children to read, and that developing a love for reading from a young age has lifelong benefits. But many children regard reading as a chore, especially if they are forced to read things that they have no interest in. So how do you get reluctant – or […]

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