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Happy Kids; Healthy meals! (and they’re also super delicious!) Before you say, “My kids will never eat them”, read on because, although mushrooms often seem to be the “not on my plate” vegetable right up there with Brussels sprouts, we’ve got good reasons and great ways to get kids to eat them. Firstly, the great […]

After a successful launch last year of the goIT Challenge in South Africa, Tata Consultancy Services and STEAM education specialist, Sakhikamva Foundation have brought together 455 learners from nine high schools to participate in the worldwide school’s technology programme.  Students were tasked with coming up with app ideas to solve real-world problems in their own […]

Regardless of whether you’re just starting to figure out what career to pursue or if you’re looking to make a complete career change, answering the “what career suits me best?” question can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there are many career tests and quizzes that can help you narrow down your options. We […]

The first bath. The first sleepover at granny. The first giggle. And now, the first taste of food as you wean your baby onto solid foods. Too low in energy, protein and minerals like iron and zinc, the ability of breastmilk alone to meet the increasing nutritional needs of a growing baby starts to become […]

Anxiety at school is not a new phenomenon; however, educators and parents alike recognise that there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of anxiety among children in the past year, as a result of Covid-19, pandemic lockdowns, and measures to ensure the safety of children who are back at school or in the […]

Most parents will agree that teaching children about money is important, but what and how should you be teaching them and at what age? It’s an inherent part of parenting. Most children’s attitudes to money are shaped by their parents, whether you pro-actively pass on information or they just copy what you do. It’s also […]

There has been a lot of debate around small children and the role they play in the spread of Covid-19. With earlier studies suggesting that children do not contribute much to the spread of coronavirus, new studies are now showing that children could be capable of spreading infection. According to the South African Paediatric Association, […]

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