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Pregnancy, your body and your baby – week 16 of your pregnancy

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You are now 4 months pregnant, and have 24 weeks left to go before you birth day, although this may seem far away your baby has done so much growing in these past 16 weeks and still has lots left to do before they are born.


Your body at 16 weeks

Your pregnancy hormones can make your veins stretch, giving you varicose veins. While these distinctive purple lumps are the prettiest sight, generally they are painless and harmless.

Pregnancy brain is another sign of a baby that you may have noticed, many moms-to-be notice they may become more forgetful or inattentive. The exact reason for this isn’t clear, however, stress and having many items on your to-do list could be contributing factors towards this.

You may also notice some pregnancy weight gain (which is normal and nothing to worry about!) and your boobs will have probably gone up a few cup sizes as your body preps for breastfeeding. Be sure to invest in comfortable bras, such as maternity or sports bras, as this can help ease any discomfort.

Your baby at 16 weeks

Your baby is now the size of an avocado. This week may be the one that you first start to notice small kicks from your little on moving around. Another exciting marker of this time is the fact that your baby can start hearing your voice, so make sure you chat to them throughout your day.

This’ll also be roughly the time that their eyes become more sensitive to light, their bones and muscles are hardening and strengthening and their eyebrows, hair and lashes are forming. 

Things to take note of around this time.

During pregnancy you may struggle with constipation. This is a fairly common pregnancy complaint thanks to pregnancy hormones and the extra iron you’re taking in your prenatal vitamins. Eating more fibre, drinking lots of water, and exercise can help keep you regular.  If you’re still struggling, chat to your doctor and they may prescribe stool softeners to help.

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