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Pioneering a New Era: The Inception of Wingu Angela Academy Campus in Lakeside, Cape Town

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Wingu Academy, a leading online school renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in education, proudly announces the establishment of The Wingu Angela Academy Campus in Lakeside, Cape Town. This momentous endeavour signifies Wingu’s dedication to pioneering a forward-looking approach to education, underpinned by a holistic philosophy that prioritizes the well-being and development of every child.

A Visionary Approach to Education

At the heart of Wingu Academy’s mission is the Whole-School, Whole-Community, Whole Child (WSCC) approach, which seeks to integrate educational initiatives with community partnerships to nurture not only academic excellence but also emotional and physical well-being. Engela Janse van Resnburg, Principal of Wingu Academy, shares her vision for the new campus, expressing a commitment to establishing flourishing independent schools across South Africa. Wingu Academy has a DBE-registered school in Centurion and is busy with an academy in Cape Town as well. These schools aim to provide accessible, high-quality education to communities facing challenges in accessing quality high school education.

Inspiration and Dedication

Founded by Nicole Griffith in 2023, The Angela Academy has served as an inspiration, offering holistic education to children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Griffith’s dedication and generous funding have ensured the continuity of quality education for current students, covering all necessary resources for successful high school completion. Wingu Academy pledges to uphold this legacy of excellence and expand upon it by introducing proven methodologies from its Smart School in Centurion.

Navigating the Path Forward

The establishment of the Lakeside campus marks a transition for both Wingu Academy and the community it serves. As the registration process with the Western Cape Department of Education (WCDE) progresses, Wingu Academy remains committed to addressing challenges and fostering community engagement. Through proactive measures, such as a comprehensive review of educational and administrative processes and stakeholder engagement, Wingu Academy seeks to ensure a smooth transition and uphold its commitment to academic excellence.

A Collaborative Endeavor

Key to Wingu Academy’s success is its collaboration with educational authorities and stakeholders. The positive relationship established with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) serves as a model for future partnerships with the WCDE. By registering a new, innovative model of education, Wingu Academy aims to inspire a new era of possibilities and address the shortage of traditional school options in underserved communities.

A Bright Future Ahead

With the support of dedicated staff, community stakeholders, and Nicole Griffith’s invaluable backing, Wingu Academy is poised to embark on a transformative journey in education. The addition of seasoned educators, such as Vice-Principal Julie Arguile, reinforces Wingu’s commitment to excellence and ensures a bright future for the Lakeside campus. As Wingu Academy looks ahead, it remains steadfast in its dedication to providing every child with access to a comprehensive, holistic education.


The establishment of The Wingu Angela Academy Campus in Lakeside, Cape Town, heralds a new chapter in the history of education in South Africa. Through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Wingu Academy is poised to redefine the educational landscape and empower future generations. As the journey unfolds, Wingu Academy invites all stakeholders to join in shaping a brighter future for education in South Africa.

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