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Ways to make the most of your third trimester

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Your third trimester begins in week 28 and will end when your baby is born, or around week 40. You may be feeling both tired and excited at this time and your body may be taking some strain. Soon you’ll get to meet your little one in person! Make the most of this time by looking after yourself and making sure that you are prepared for both birth, and for afterwards.

Keeping active

Staying active during your pregnancy may become trickier as your baby bump grows, but it’s important that you keep your body healthy. Exercise can not only help you feel better, but can even help prepare you for the big day. That being said, it’s best not to over do it – chat to your doctor about what exercise they think is best for you.

Swimming and water aerobics are two low impact exercises that can help you keep fit. Water will help take the pressure off your tired and achy body and prevents overheating. Prenatal pilates and yoga can help you strengthen your body and can keep you feeling fit before delivery.

Plan your birth

If you haven’t started already, now would be the time to start planning your birth. You and your partner can start putting together a birth plan. This is a document which lays out your wishes during your birth, as when the time comes you probably won’t be in the state of mind to keep track of everything. Your plan can be simple or very detailed, the choice is yours. While your birth plan can guide your delivery, it’s important to remember that things won’t always go to plan.

This is also a good time to book a childbirth class, while not mandatory these are a good idea, especially if this is your first baby. Structure your time around attending, and be aware that while you may learn lots of information from the hospital, the nurses and doctors won’t have lots of time to teach you. This is why classes are a good third trimester go-to, as they will prepare you for labour and delivery. Childbirth classes are also a safe space for you to address any of your fears or worries around your upcoming delivery and can help you feel more comfortable when the time comes.

Get ready for your baby

Last but not least, use your last trimester to prep for your baby. When your baby arrives you won’t have time to buy baby items or look after yourself like you used to. Planning ahead can help reduce stress before and after your baby is born.

Things you can do are prep frozen meals for yourself for when you get home. You can organise your baby’s changing station, crib and car seat so that when you both come home you’re comfortable everything you need is already there. Pack your overnight bag for the hospital before the time, so that when you go into labour you (or your partner) won’t be frantically packing. Go into your birth feeling happy that you’ve prepared enough beforehand – avoid any unnecessary stress on yourself.

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