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Six shaving myths debunked with FINO Cosmetics

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There is a lot of misinformation about shaving out there, and sometimes it’s difficult to separate the facts from the fiction. Like is it really true that shaving makes your hair grow back faster? Or can shaving remove your tan? Experts in post hair removal care, FINO Cosmetics, takes us on a myth-busting journey to debunk some of the most common shaving myths:

#1 Fact or fiction? Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and faster

Fiction! When you shave, you remove the hair on the surface of the skin, and this process does not have any effect on the hair’s colour or thickness, which is controlled by our genes. It is only because the hair is shorter and trimmed at a blunt angle that it may seem thicker, but if you were to grow it out, the hair will take on its original appearance.

#2 Fact or fiction? Shaving removes your tan

Fiction – provided your tan is real. Tanning occurs in the body’s pigment cells, in the lower levels of the skin where a razor blade cannot get to. However, if you have a fake tan (which sits on the surface of the skin), shaving may have an effect on its longevity. Razors tend to remove loose and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, so if you shave regularly, it may contribute to your faux tan disappearing faster.

#3 Fact or fiction? A new razor causes nicks and cuts

Fiction! A sharp new razor is the best option for your shave. An older razor is much more likely to catch on the skin, leading to cuts. This is because the duller the blade, the more pressure you need to exert to get a close shave, plus, your blade may tug on the skin, leading to nicks.

#4 Fact or fiction? You shouldn’t share your razor

Fact! Don’t ever share your razor with anyone, no matter who it is. It is common to get nicks and cuts when shaving, and when you use someone else’s razor, you may be putting yourself at risk of infection. Razor blades may spread infections like warts, fungal infections and staph bacteria (trust us – these are best avoided!).

#5 Fact or fiction? You should shave in the direction of hair growth

Fact! To avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair, it’s important to shave with the grain, or in the direction of hair growth. Not only does this ensure a more comfortable and closer shave, but it’ll lessen your chances of developing irritation. We recommend applying FINO Soothe MAN (R75.00) after every shave to relieve the dry, itchy skin associated with new hair growth and to help prevent razor bumps, ingrown hair and irritation.

#6 Fact or fiction? Soap works just as well as shaving cream

Fiction! Shaving creams, oils and gels are designed to moisturise skin and help your razor glide across your skin more easily. Regular soap is designed to cleanse, and is more likely to dry out your skin. In addition to moisturising and softening facial hair, FINO MAN Beard Oil (R150.00) also makes a great shaving oil, allowing a close shave and soft, nourished skin.

FINO Cosmetics, a leader in post hair removal care, offers a range of quality, cost-effective post-hair removal and grooming products. Suitable for professional and home use, this versatile skincare range is a blend of natural and scientifically formulated ingredients, bringing you the best of nature and technology to maximise skin care results.

FINO Cosmetics successfully combats the after-effects of hair removal, preventing, soothing and removing irritations, bumps, itchiness, redness and ingrown hairs. The range can safely be used across all skin types, tones and textures. It is perfectly formulated for sensitive and discreet skin areas.

The FINO product range is formulated to quickly, effectively and efficiently put an end to pesky post-hair removal problems such as ingrown hair, bumps, dry skin, redness, itchiness associated with new hair growth and other skin irritations. The range consists of FINO MAN Face and Beard WashFINO MAN Beard OilFINO Bump Control and FINO Soothe MAN.

FINO Products are infused with a variety of combinations of essential oils, herbal extracts and natural astringents to harness their advantages and are manufactured locally.

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