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A review of Kodak Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor

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Parenting does not come easy and sometimes it’s about working smarter with gadgets at your disposal on the market. 

Kodak recently launched the CHERISH C525 Baby Monitor in South Africa and as I was looking for a video monitor for my new little baby, so I decided to give it a go. Although the Kodak brand is new to the baby monitor market in South Africa, Kodak has a proven record when producing quality cameras for many years. This gave me a sense of reassurance when purchasing a new product on the market.

Why a video monitor? Nothing makes a sleepy baby stir quicker than opening their door for a quick peek to check that they are asleep. So video was my first choice.

The Kodak CHERISH C525 Smart Video Baby Monitor comes packed with features that make keeping an eye on baby 24/7 easier.

Straight out of the box, the monitor looks slick and smart indeed. However like most smart products today you only get a basic manual and then can download the full manual from the web page .

The compact camera sits nicely on any surface, or you can wall mount it to keep it away from little hands and make the most of the view.

The HD camera with remote pan, tilt and zoom then beams a crystal-clear image and audio of your tiny tot to the generous widescreen display parent unit.

With the simple one-touch on/off screen, you can easily watch every wriggle and roll at a press of a button – no need to keep the screen on all night. And the softly glowing keypad on the monitor makes it a dream to operate in the dark. 

To top it all it plays a few soothing lullabies so no need for any extra music boxes or a midnight sing along. 

What makes this system clever is its Wi-Fi connectivity! So, while I loved the easy-to-use parent monitor, I can also enjoy the flexibility of accessing the camera on my smart phone or tablet, whether I am in the next room or out of the house.

The Kodak Smart Home App was simple to set up with prompts all the way.

When baby was being extra cute, I was able to even record these moments and revisit them using the Kodak Smart Home App and SD-Card Recording functions via your smartphone or tablet. Just a note that the SD-Card in not included. 

What really impressed me was the built-in rechargeable batteries in both the baby monitor and camera, making this the first monitor in South Africa that helps you through load shedding.  With this function it means you can take your Kodak Cherish C525 on the road wherever you go. Just pop the monitor in any room and stay connected over Wi-Fi wherever you are.

If you have not realised yet, yes, I will recommend the Kodak C525 monitor and best of all it came at a good price compared to the others on the market. 

 By Jarryd Preston

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