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8 Ways To Be A Better Role Model On The Road

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Providing a list of rules to teach your kids about road safety may be useful, however children can learn better if parents become role models for them on the road.

When faced with a particular traffic situation, the behaviour of children can often be unpredictable. Here are 7 essential ways in which your actions can influence your kids:

  1. Slowing down, in general. If you are always hasty in getting in and out of your car your children will be too.
  2. Letting them out on the curb side if possible. Whenever your child is getting out of a car, try and ensure it is the rear side of the passenger seat.
  3. Always wearing your seatbelts while driving a car and always wearing a helmet while driving a bike.
  4. Remaining calm while driving and never yelling or shouting at pedestrians or other drivers.
  5. Obeying the traffic signals and signs and also explaining them and their significance and importance. You can use these games to have some fun here.
  6. Demonstrating: How a car works, how it goes forward and back, what you can see in the review and side mirrors. This will help them understand how easily another driver cannot see them in a driveway or when crossing the road.
  7. Avoiding devices. The statistics say it all, cellphones are one of the leading causes of car accidents. Be an example, especially to older kids who will be driving soon. Behaviour is habitual and can be taught, don’t teach them a dangerous habit.
  8. And make sure to reward a child when he/she shows good behaviour pertaining to road safety. Such an act always inspires children to repeat the behaviour.
  9. By demonstrating such important rules on road safety, you are not only helping your child become a good citizen, but also playing your part as a responsible citizen. The snowball effect will benefit all.
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