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3 Brisk Activities That You And Your Child Can Enjoy Together

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“Come have some tea with Miss Bubbles and me” – said your 7-year-old, as they pull you in to sit on a miniature chair. It’s 9:30 PM, you’re bushed and you’re about to have tea with a teddy bear and the Queen of England herself.

Spending uninterrupted time with your child has its infinite benefits and rewards, so what happens when you’re swallowed by your work and life responsibilities that quality time with the Queen of England is unintentionally put on the back burner?

Let’s face it – life is busy, finding moments in your life to spend intentional quality time with your child is definitely a hard task as a working parent. And if not having enough time wasn’t hindrance enough, you have to find something that you’d both like to do. Doubling the guilt for our poor parents.

Creating childhood memories, formulating the idea of love with your child and getting to know each other a little better, are only a few of the amazing benefits of quality time with your offspring.

Don’t despair, at Sugar Bay we have over 100 free-choice activities and we have given you 3 of our best time- effective activities that both you and your child can enjoy.

Adventure / Explore 

Our campers go on adventures on the beach and around camp, where they’re always discovering and learning something new about the environment around them. The beauty in this activity lies in how it’s physically active and educational simultaneously. Whether you’re going on an adventure in your backyard or looking for things to recycle around your neighbourhood, you’ll always find out something new about each other and maybe lose half a kilo in the same breath.

Splatter painting

In our arts and crafts classes, campers discover that something can always be made out of nothing. All you need is a blank wall or a large piece of white cloth. This is where you let loose! You both get to get as dirty as possible and laugh at how you became Picassos overnight. This activity allows your child to see your free-spirit, fun side; a side that shows that you’re not only their parent, but you can also be their friend. Who knows: you could create the 21st century Mona Lisa.

Skits and Stunts 

Lights, camera, action! Costumes, mom acting silly, dad mimicking mom after taking a dose of helium and a whole lot of laughter; this is the memory that can be created with your child with this activity. Skits and stunts allow your child to build their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to be themselves in the world.

Give your child & teen the holiday of a lifetime! Sugar Bay is an American-style camp offering over 100 activities, 24-hr supervision & professionally trained staff. Covid compliant. Call 032 485 3778 or email here 

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