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Abdominal separation or diastasis recti is the separation of the two parallel bands of muscle in your belly. This is common in pregnant women, and luckily often heals on its own, or with the help of exercises,  after pregnancy. This condition is not only experienced by pregnant moms, but also by men, as well as […]

Chicco, a 63-year old leader in baby products, has tirelessly committed to ensuring that all strollers and prams have optimal comfort and functionality for children. On top of this standard promise, Chicco looks after the needs of parents, allowing mom and dad to #parentmore – the Chicco catchphrase for stress-reduced parenting. The Goody stroller is […]

What fun things do your legs help you do?  When our legs are strong and healthy, we don’t give them a moment’s thought. But let them start being tired, heavy, crampy or swollen, then it’s time to give them special attention.  Turns out, caring for legs early when they first ache for help will keep […]

Our passion for beauty, our pure joy of life and our innovative sense of trends – that’s what CATRICE is all about. Now we’re taking our experience in decorative cosmetics to a whole new level: to skin care. Because a great look begins with our skin – it offers the perfect canvas for beautiful make-up. […]

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