Review: PingMe GPS Children’s Watch

Review: PingMe GPS Children’s Watch

In South Africa, close on 2000 children go missing every year. This could be related to abductions or runaways… either way, this is every parents worst nightmare.

This is why this product is so amazing. The PingMe GPS watch bridges the gap of communication with your child. One is able to see not only where you child is at all times but your child can communicate with you as well. 

Whilst my older children do have cell phone and tracking apps on them, my youngest children are just too young to be handed an iPhone in my opinion. The PingMe watch bridges this gap! I love that my youngest children now have a age appropriate device to communicate with me and more importantly that I have means to see where they are at all times. 

So how does it all work?

After purchasing your watch, all you need to get is a sim card from either of the cellular networks and load data as well as airtime to the number. There is are quick activation steps that need to be followed but in no time will your child’s watch be up and running. 

From the parents side, you download the app from either of the app stores. The app in itself is great but I will get to that part a little later. 

The Watch

The PingMe watch is both innovative and practical. Not only will no one ever think twice that your child is being tracked but it provides my child with a functional communicative device. 

The watch has 4 buttons, 2 on either side. Power, dad, mom and SOS. Within the app, one is able to setup each parents contact number as well as emergency SOS button action.  If your child needs to get hold of you for any reason, they simply hold the button down to call you and if there is an emergency, all your child needs to do is hold the SOS button and the watch will call the number that you set as the emergency contact. 

From the app side, there are many options. One is able to live track the watch, set the emergency numbers up, added phone numbers into the address book, add an alarm to the watch and so much more. 

The PingMe Watch uses Live tracking through WIFI mapping and Location based services as well as GPS from what we understand to find the position of the unit. This means that throughout the day, your child’s watch bounces off all these various spots to ensure accuracy of their location. 

The app also provides the option for you to see the movement of your child. You can track where you child has been throughout the entire day… this function holds up to 3 months of data.  I certainly feel that this tracking information would come in handy later down the line if anything should happen to the child wearing the unit. 

Safe zones! After having setup a safe zone or Geofence as it is known in the app, the parent is notified if the child steps out of this preset zone.  . I setup a safe zone within our complex and then sent my son to the store with my husband. I was immediately alerted that he had left the safe zone that I set. 

Voice notes are becoming increasingly popular. Through the app and the watch, you can send short voice notes to each other as well. This certainly will help when you trying to locate your child on the soccer field! 

There are a few additional security features that we liked. Within the app you can whitelist phone numbers. This means that the numbers that you have set in the app will be the ONLY numbers that will be able to call the device. 

Voice Monitoring allows you as the parent to listen into the PingMe device.  The PingMe unit does not make a sound when this function is performed. This certainly would come in handy if your child has been abducted. Best of all, the PingMe unit comes with a take-off alarm, so if your child does have the unit taken off of them, you will be notified immediately. 

I cannot stop imagining how all these functions would assist my child in an emergency situation.  From their side, knowing that provided that the unit has charge, me as the parent will be able to find them no matter what.  The fact that it looks like a normal watch provides a sense of security to me as well. 

The last safety feature that really impressed me was that my child was not able to switch the unit off.  Just that little more reassurance that I found to be useful should anything go wrong. 

We honestly could write a book on how wonderful this amazing device is. Have a look at the video below and please do visit their website and purchase one today – you will not regret it. 

To visit their website using the link below



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