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It is fair to say that just about all baby related business’s prey on new parents who are expecting multiples as they see this as an easy way to make more money. They will often mislead multiple parents into believing that if they pay a higher premium for something they will be getting a better […]

During pregnancy, many women experience at least some degree of urinary incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine. The incontinence may be mild and infrequent for some pregnant women, but it can be more severe for others. The kind of incontinence experienced during pregnancy is usually Stress Incontinence (SI), which is the loss of […]

Most women at some stage in their lifetime will experience some form of vaginal discharge. The discharge may be normal or have a vaginal infection, characterized by discharge, itching, or odor. Vaginal infections are one of the top 25 reasons for women to consult doctors in the USA. The 3 most common types of vaginal […]

Diana Du Plessis, on behalf of Philips Mother and Child Division (Avent) Becoming a new mom is a thrilling, yet daunting experience! From the moment, you find out you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, you need to make numerous life changing decisions – even before the big arrival. Choices need to be made – […]

As thousands of First Year students head off to varsity in coming weeks, education experts say they should embrace the excitement and opportunity, but also ensure they start off on the right track to ensure they make a success of their studies right from the get-go. “The demands of school and the demands of higher […]

Taking care of yourself during a multiple pregnancy starts with eating well – except that little research has been done on what that means for a mother carrying multiples. In the absence of any real science, it’s probably best to aim for healthy, balanced meals. You will need to drink plenty of fluid, ideally eight […]

Finding out the baby’s gender is one of the highlights of pregnancy for many parents, as this serves as their starting point to prepare the things their child will need when they enter the world. After all, how do parents know if they should get blue or pink items without knowing what their baby’s gender […]

Here’s the financially savvy stuff you should be thinking about With Hollywood booming with pregnant celebrities like Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Ciara and Natalie Portman – just to name a few – expectant moms and those planning a family may be dreaming about their future bundle of joy. The cuddles, the smiles, the giggles, the bibs […]

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