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Children come in all shapes and sizes. But if you’re noticing that your child is shorter than her friends at school, it’s natural to wonder, “is my child growing normally?” Most children take well to eating solids for the very first time. Being naturally inquisitive, children will try a variety of gloopy and colourful tastes […]

“According to popular belief, dyslexia is a brain disorder which causes otherwise smart and intelligent children to struggle with reading, spelling and writing,” explains Susan du Plessis, Director of Educational Programmes at Edublox. “The problem is that a lack of education about dyslexia has caused many myths that discourage parents the moment they hear of […]

Making a career choice at the age of seventeen and committing to it for a lifetime is a pivotal decision that comes with a lot of pressure. However, times have evolved and we are no longer restricted to working one specific profession for the rest of our career. During a staff training meeting held at […]