It’s almost holiday time!

It’s almost holiday time!

Yes, the countdown has begun. How many Fridays till Christmas.? I believe there are less than 10. That also means it is almost school holiday time. Eeeek! 6-8 weeks with the kids at home. How will we cope? How will we entertain them? How will we feed them? The last one seems to impact the moms with boys more often than girls. My little boy is on most days eating more than I am. Good luck to me for the teenage years.

At Bits and Bobs for moms (my 1st baby) we decided that moms need a break these holidays. We have launched The Pop-Up Activities Club. This is a safe and welcoming space filled with some great activities for the little ones. We have focused our activates on the kiddies aged 2-6 years old. However, mommies of tiny tots (new-born -2yrs) are welcome to join. For these moms it will be more social, some time to relax to relax have a nice cuppa and a chat to other moms. The Pop-Up will run from the 11-15th December. This is the first week of holidays and most people are still around before the big Christmas exit to the beach. This is a safe space. The location is a home in the boomed off area in Four ways. There will be lots of shade, seating, and lovely snacks to purchase. Being a new mom can be a bit lonely. This is the ideal way to get out and meet some other mommies. Come in your pj’s if you are comfortable, there is no judgement.

Traditions go hand in hand with the holidays. We would like to honour and create new traditions with our pop-up.

We start off the week with our Messy play Monday on the 11 Dec

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Bring your costumes or some old clothes and prepare to get really messy 😊 We will have a variety of colours and textures to go crazy with. This is a free play session and the kids can just relax and enjoy. Moms, does the word mess give you anxiety? For some moms, this is a complete nightmare. This is something we need to work through because it is vital for the kiddies. Research suggests that this type of play allows your child to build neural connections. These connections support the development of language, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, reasoning and social interaction. Plus, with the pop-up activities club you don’t even have to do it in your own home 😊 When trying messy play at home, try different colours and textures for a complete sensory experience. Water, sand, bubbles, cooked pasta, dry cereals, the possibilities are endless. Allow them to be free and explore during this time. They will be able to really dive into their imaginations and build the necessary self-confidence they need to take on the world.

On Tuesday the 12th Dec we are making Christmas Cards for the special people in our lives.

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 Something home-made and personalised makes the most unique gift. We love traditions and this is a nice way to start your own family tradition. One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever been given is “think back to your childhood, what are your favourite memories? The ones that full you with happiness and make you feel complete? Create those special memories for your children.” One of those memories for me were my family holidays. We had the most special beach holidays over Christmas time. We would be on the beach first thing in the morning and enjoy afternoon naps after a family filled lunches. We would visit wine farms, go hiking and spend many evenings in front of the braai. Create special memories for your children through vacations. Think about activities you could do as a family and make them happen. It doesn’t matter if you love beach holidays, camping, hiking or skiing on the dam. What matters is the quality time you spend together.

On Wednesday the 13th we are decorating cookies.

These delicious treats can be eaten there and then or can be made into a Christmas tree decoration.

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 Speaking of Christmas trees, what are your traditions of putting up the Christmas tree? It really does mark the beginning of the silly season. I just love the smell of a real Christmas tree. It also reminds me of those lovely family Christmas’s of my past. These days there are some beautiful plastic re-usable ones you can buy. When picking a tree, think about the size you would like to fill. When is the right day to put up the tree? In the US, they put up their trees after thanksgiving. In Australia they put theirs up on the 1 December. Whenever you decide to do it, make it a family event, get everyone involved.

On Thursday the 14th December is our Play Dough Thursday.

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Play Dough is such a versatile play medium. The squishing and squashing assists with fine motor skill development. It can be very calming when used like a stress ball. Allowing your little ones to ease tension and improve concentration. By working together, they develop very important social skills.

We look forward to seeing you at these wonderful activities. Remember to book now to secure your spot. {space is limited}.

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