New educational tech for kids to save the planet and build virtual aquariums

New educational tech for kids to save the planet and build virtual aquariums

Johannesburg, South Africa. September 2017 – Gammatek, a leading distributor of technology accessories is proud to announce the introduction of Pai Technology educational games for children in South Africa. The company, which is becoming known for bringing some of the world’s latest, innovative educational technologies and systems into the country, will add Pai Technology’s TJ’s Math Adventure, Stem Lab-Little Engineer, Ocean Pets and Cube Tastic to its offering for young people.

“These educational games are designed to stimulate your children’s imagination and aid their development. Pai Technology introduces a world of playful, fun and safe technology that encourages a love for learning that ultimately benefits children’s growth,” says Gammatek’s Zev Cherniak.

TJ’s Math Adventure combines physical puzzles and augmented reality play to help children master basic math concepts in a fun and adventurous way. They join TJ as he leads an army on a mission to save the planet, learning to recognize shapes and solve math challenges along the way. The system utilizes an interactive app available from app stores, as well as a physical board game. Stem Lab-Little Engineer pairs toy blocks with augmented reality to create a unique experience for children to learning basic programming skills.

With Ocean Pets, children get to create their own virtual aquarium using augmented reality with a special lightweight putty. They can create fish and sea creatures with the mess free putty and then scan it with a device to see their Ocean Pets come to life in 3D. Thereafter they must care for their pets while learning fun facts about the ocean and its inhabitants. The more they take care of their pets, the more game features are unlocked. Cube Tastic is a throwback to the puzzle cube with a twist. The puzzle cube uses 3D augmented technology with an app to teach kids how to solve the cube. Once they master it, new combinations are unlocked for endless play.

These super fun, great-for-learning Pai Technology products will be available at leading retailers.

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