Toolkit for Busy Moms to Reduce Stress

Toolkit for Busy Moms to Reduce Stress

Added stress is one of those things that comes hand in hand as a new mom. It is important for us to pay special attention to self-care and avoid burnout. Managing your stress levels is so important.  If we do not look after ourselves our bodies they will stop working at their optimum.

Stress is ok every now and then and the body is designed perfectly to process it. However, stress becomes a problem when your body never gets relief, it then becomes distress.

Distress can lead to headaches, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, sleeping problems and other symptoms. Most people turn to alcohol or cigarettes to ease distress. Unfortunately, relief is not found and this leads to more health problems.

In times of distress the body produces too much of the stress hormones. The two main stress hormones are cortisol and adrenaline. Adrenaline is secreted by my adrenal glands and increases the rates of blood circulation, breathing and the metabolism of carbohydrates. In a fight or flight situation you may feel your breathing increase, your muscles tense and start sweating. Cortisol is a steroid hormone, it is released in times of acute stress. It is vital to maintain homeostasis in the body and very important in digestion. When used in short periods of time for fight or flight mode, our body can return, back to normal and normal hormonal activities can resume but when your body is in a constant stressed state it is unable to fulfil vital processes like reproduction, digestion, and growth.

Toolkit for busy moms to reduce stress:


Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline it also stimulates endorphins.

Tip: Add 30 mins of exercise to your day. Do something you enjoy that fits into your routine.


Allows messages are sent to the brain to relax the body and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Tip: Add a massage to your routine as a monthly spoil. If it doesn’t fit the budget, see if your partner will try it out.

Drink enough water

Water makes up 75%of the body. All the organs need it. By not having enough water, body will become dehydrated and therefore not run optimally.

Tip: Carry around a water bottle with you, you are more likely to drink your 2 L a day if you have it with you.


Lack of sleep can lead to depression and Pre-mature aging.

TIP: Sleep when you can, even when there is a pile of dishes to do.

Clean eating

Limit processed food and bump up your veggies

TIP: Choose healthier fats like olive oil and nuts


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. It can be used to boost the immune system, relieve muscle pain, and treats and corrects insomnia.

TIP: Add some lavender to your bath. It will help calm you after a long day.

Sunlight and Outdoors

Sunlight makes you happy.

It boosts the serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter, that helps the body wake up and feel happy.

Shuts off the melatonin, which it the hormone that helps you sleep

TIP Try send 30 mins in the sun every day.


If you walk through a Clicks you will see a huge variety of vitamins and supplements.

TIP do take a daily Omega oils (fish oils) as these oils need to be consumed in our diet or supplemented as our bodies cannot produce Omega 3’s. They improve your brain health and reduce your recovery time from exercise.

Finding your balance is quite different for each new mom, but by understanding the key trigger points you face, you will be able to accept and even thrive in this wonderful new journey of motherhood.

 Lastly Self-care is most important. It is vital to Look after yourself! Remember what they remind you of one the aeroplane. In case of emergency, when the oxygen masks drop, always put yours on first before attending to children. This is very hard for us as moms. We always put our families first and we come last. The problem with this, is we cannot do a great job with our kids if we are not ok.   Focus your time on the most important aspects of your life. This is quite often your family and money-making activities. Work and home. Delegate everything else. The sooner the better.

Now it’s your turn, go home and think about your trigger points. What is making your life unbalanced? You don’t have to do this alone. I can support you through my programs and toolkits.

Remember no one is perfect! Being happy is how satisfied you are with your life. Success is reaching the objectives you choose to be happy.

The late Maya Angelou believed “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.”

It doesn’t matter what kind of mom we are? The stay at home mom, the working mom, the disposable nappy mom, the green mom. What matters is what our kids see and the time we spend with them. The focused, undistracted time. Be the person, you want your kids to look up to. Your child’s confidence starts with you. The way your kids feel about themselves starts with how you feel about yourself.  It is a privilege to call ourselves mothers. Don’t waste this privilege.


Michelle Pitt is a certified Wellness Coach that specialises in working with woman and specifically moms. She has 13 years’ experience in the Wellness Industry, as well as international accreditation from Cidesco. She has hosted numerous workshops, talks and events. Her “stop dieting and start living” mantra is a refreshing approach to a new-age healthy lifestyle. As a mom of two, wife and entrepreneur, it is her absolute ambition to create happy, healthy, balanced and fulfilled lifestyles, like she has done for herself and her family. Michelle’s  online store focuses on fantastic products and information for parents, creating an easy to use hub. Sign up for her newsletter here on her website for specials/news/deals and free offers.

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