Difrax Feeding System Launched in South Africa

Difrax Feeding System Launched in South Africa

Complete ergonomic design ensuring an anti-colic solution to your baby’s meal times.

Prima Baby South Africa is proud to now be a distributor of the Difrax Feeding System – a revolutionary approach to baby and child meal times.

The Difrax Feeding System is designed and manufactured in Belgium, guaranteeing happy smiles and even happier feeding times in babies from premature ages to the grown up child.  Whilst Difrax is a firm supporter in breast-feeding where the mother is capable and willing, there is also a large portion of mothers who choose not to and need to rely on revolutionary, effective feeding systems to keep their child’s meal times easy, happy and above all, pain-free.

The Ergonomic design of the Difrax Feeding system encourages a more relaxed posture when drinking, reduces the risk of stomach cramps, stimulates the natural feeding position and ensures an anti-colic system. The S-shaped bottle, together with the valve at the bottom of the unit ensures that air does not mix with milk during feeding, reducing wind and cramping.  Difrax is the first feeding system of its kind in the world and is literally changing the lives of mothers and children as it grows in European popularity.

The S-shaped bottle also comes with a soft teat in natural ‘small size’ with extra grip for the Baby, gradually increasing in size with your child’s growth.

The Difrax Feeding System has a large range of items and comes in a variety of sizes and colours to choose from including bottles, soothers and additional accessories.

Change meal times forever with Difrax.

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