Products that may help stimulate the flow of milk for breastfeeding mothers

Products that may help stimulate the flow of milk for breastfeeding mothers

Milk Galore will be at the Sunningdale Hospital on the 02 August 2017 part of the Hospital Breastfeeding campaign from 11:00 – 14:00. Hope to see some mothers there…

Dear Mommy,

Thank you so much for breastfeeding me!  You probably already know that your milk is designed especially for me, and is better than anything else you could feed me.

I know that right now, you feel like your friends who aren’t breastfeeding their babies seem to have an easier time of things.  Those other babies sleep soundly and longer between feedings, they drink so much, and they don’t fuss to eat all the time like I do!  I can tell you’re getting a little bit frustrated, and I hear all the advice you’re getting … my grandma says you weren’t breastfed and you turned out just fine, my daddy says he feels like he can’t do anything to soothe me, and that lady with the cold hands that you call “doctor” gave you a can of something that she says will help me grow faster.  You’re tired and frustrated because taking care of me just seems too hard, but please mommy, before you give up this yummy breastfeeding thing.

Love Baby

A Note from the manufacturers of Milk Galore brand: 

As a mom myself who struggled to breastfeed my son, my only other option was formula milk, of which was not my desired option as I wanted the best for my son. We, then researched natural stimulators that would assist not only a 1st time mom like myself who was struggling to feed her baby but all mothers who faced the same struggle. We, at Milk Galore understand and have a heart for both the mom and the newly born. The natural instinct and incredible feeling when a mom breastfeeds is a precious gift a mom can give her baby. Our desire is to ensure that all mothers have that privilege of sharing that gift with their newly borns.

Milk Galore has a solution that has incorporated natural herbs that may assist to stimulate lactation for breastfeeding women. It is rich in iron and thus very good for lactating mothers since they are more in need of iron than others. Moreover, cumin is said to help ease and increase secretion of milk in lactating women due to presence of Thymol, which tends to increase secretions from glands, including milk which is a secretion from mammary glands.

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