Review: Imagine Toys Card Games

Review: Imagine Toys Card Games

It is so rare to find children playing card games in the times we live in and yet we were lucky enough to receive some fun interactive card games to review by Imagine Toys. These card games are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 10 years of age.

Toddles Bobbles – promotes imagination and memory 

This set of cards is aimed at inspiring your child to use their imagination. In the box you get 60 different cards with 12 different characters on each card.

The game works where you place all the cards in the centre of the table, the first player picks up a card and shows it to everyone and names that particular character. The second player then picks up a card and shows it to everyone and gives that character a name.

The fun starts when a duplicate card is drawn. The child then has to shout out that particular characters name and gets to keep the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

This game certainly helps a child improve their memory skills as well as in our opinion, helps them to use their imagination and think quickly, when coming up with the character names.

Quick Eye – promotes imagination and memory

“Immediately I thought of when we played “I spy” when we were children.” The game comprises of 50 cards with adjectives placed on them.

The game works where you place all the cards in the centre of the table, a card is drawn and the child needs to name either an object, living being or natural item. Now although one could play this in the same way as “I spy”, this can be used to draw on general knowledge that your child has acquired.

But… that is only round one.

Round two, the game takes a twist to ensure that children are kept excited all the way through.  However, you will have to purchase a set of cards to enjoy all the fun! Per the instructions, the games continues as follows:

In the next round, the players will need to make a choice:

They can take a risk and turn over another card – but then the player will have to come up with a living being, object or a natural item that has all the qualities of on all upturned cards in front of him, eg “soft” and “animal” could be “bunny”. If the player can’t do this, all his cards are discarded and the next player takes a turn.

If he gets everything right, he can bank all the open cards to his winning pile. In the next round, he can start again with one card. In this case, the player can’t turn over another card and skip his turn. Now the next player takes his turn.

Matryoshka – promotes colours, concentration and movement 

What a fabulous idea to create a card game inspired by Russia’s most famous doll, the Matryoshka.  Children can share the surprises that this Russian nesting doll has to offer through a game that simple and easy and can be played by both younger and older children, creating hours of enjoyment.

The objective of the game is simple.  The one with the most colour combination cards wins the game.  Cards are collected through matching the colour combination card to the correct colours on each Matryoshka doll.  The first player to copy the gesture of that particular card, is the winner of that round.

Each set has 20 Matryoshka cards and 40 colour combination cards.

“A most unusual way to get your children to play together and learn at the same time, thank you Imagine Toys, I think you’ve really created a winner this time!”

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