Review: The Grossery Gang – Mushy Slushie Machine

Review: The Grossery Gang – Mushy Slushie Machine

Finally another collectable toy for boys! I’m sure girls will love them too but for boys this is certainly up their alley.

Boys somehow really enjoy all things yuk and with the Mushy Slushie Machine your son will soon be sharing some unfresh fruit slushie or even some rotten fries…. either way making these slushies is loads of fun.  Little boys love playing tricks on each other and so what better way to give them this opportunity, than through a machine that serves “yukkie stuff!”

Give any little boy the opportunity to launch food into a cup and the mechanism to do it with and you’ve created hours of fun and entertainment right there!  You easily place the “Grossery Gang Member” into the machine, pull the crank lever and it launches your Grossery Gang member into the slushie cup!

The Mushy Slushie Machine has space for 2 cups that are included along with a Foul display fridge to show off your members of your Grossery Gang.

With loads more Grossery Gang members available, this collectable will soon be on your sons list.

“My Grossery Gang member shot right out into the air and landed in the cup!”

“There has been many screeches of laughter coming from my two sons’ bedroom since they’ve discovered The Grossery Gang – Mushy Slushie Machine.  Finally something that they can play with together using their imagination.”

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