Review: Glimmies Glimhouse with Figures

Review: Glimmies Glimhouse with Figures

Every now and then a really cute collectables item comes out for girls and this one is no exception. Now your daughter can easily create her own fairy village, transporting her into a fantasy world of her own.  Creating through play is so important in our children’s development and the Glimmies Glimhouse with Figures allows your little girl to use her imagination to build a world of fairies where magic happens and fun is had!

Not only does each Glimhouse come with their own special fairy but each fairy is sensitive to light and starts glowing the moment she is placed in darkness. Best of all, you can place her in her home and make her entire home glow! What fun!  And of course, with a glowing world of fairies in your little girls room, she will no longer be afraid of the dark, knowing that her family of fairies is there to watch over her and keep her safe through the night.

Each Glimmies Glimhouse with Figures can be purchased separately.  As your collection grows, they can easily be connected to other houses in the collection, ensuring that a full village is formed and a magical journey is created through play.

“My daughter really enjoys her Glimmies at night, it provides a beautiful ambiance for her to fall asleep in.”

“Since I started collecting Glimmies for my little girl, she won’t sleep without her fairly village.  We even had to take it on holiday with us!”

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