Music Feeds The Brain

Music Feeds The Brain

Children have a natural affinity to music and music making.  Not only does it help them get some rhythm, it has been proven that that there is a close link between music appreciation and their ability to master maths and improve reading and language skills. They also develop better social skills, learn patience and get the hang of ways of working together in a group. And it also helps them to learn better muscle control and improve their confidence.

Get them interested in music from an early age with these inexpensive instruments from The Crazy Store. You could well be inspiring some new world class drummers, pianists or guitarists. And it will bring smiles all around as you let them pound out some tunes on these great finds for all ages.

6 Ways in which music benefits children:

  • It boosts brain power – Studies show a correlation between higher academic achievement with children who are exposed to music. It stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math and emotional development.
  • Improves memory – Participation in music at an early age can help improve your child’s learning ability and memory by stimulating different patterns of brain development.
  • It assists children socially – Children who become involved in a musical group or ensemble learn important life skills, such as how to relate to others, team work, appreciation of working with others and the development of leadership skills and discipline.
  • Builds confidence – Children find that they can develop a skill by themselves and that they can get better and better.
  • Teaches patience – We live in a world of instant gratification however in real life we all need to have patience. When playing instruments with others, a child learns to wait for their turn and this inadvertently teaches patience.
  • It is a great form of expression – It gives pleasure and expresses nuances of emotional life for which there are no words.

Start them young:

Babies will enjoy the varying sounds of bells and maracas while learning hand movements, physical control and concentration skills. Toddlers will start developing their musical favourites. Add a drum beat or a tambourine to encourage them to keep to the beat while singing along.  Toddlers will start developing their musical favourites. Add a drum beat or a tambourine to encourage them to keep to the beat while singing along.

A music box stocked with different instruments is an easy way to introduce a set music time for your little ones. Start off with some simple percussion or wind instruments and let them explore different ways of producing sounds. Combining music and movement can help pre-schoolers learn to control their bodies. You can encourage them to move fast to fast music, sway to slow tunes and develop their own moves to go with rhymes and songs.  And everyone enjoys singing and listening to music in the car. Help them tinker out the tunes and start your budding pianist off with a simple keyboard to master the basics before you think of investing in a Baby Grand.


Shakespeare linked music to love. The modern way is to link it to learning and to having fun. 

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