Life’s a journey. Or is it?

Life’s a journey. Or is it?

Whenever I hear the phrase “Life’s a journey” I remember the motor vehicle advert from when I was a kid and complete the sentence “enjoy the ride”. Yes, I know, I’m dating myself now.

The phrase has become very popular within the self-help fraternity as well. It’s often used to dismiss what is currently happening in your life, as if it’s just a phase, move on.

It used to make perfect sense to me too as a Life Coach, because after all, a journey implies moving forward & going somewhere. However, as in most instances when a mind set or perspective takes hold, something is bound to happen to shake you, or in this case me, loose from the thought process.

Just recently, my daughter was been diagnosed with Aspergers & my husband with terminal cancer. It’s enough to turn anyone’s life upside down. Did I mention that after 5 years of struggles, I still cannot get my ex to agree to a reasonable parenting plan? And yes, I run my own business as well.

So what has this stirred up?

Life is a journey. It implies that there is a destination that we are moving towards, some kind of goal. If you are going on holiday you leave, intent to get there as soon as possible because after all the final destination is what is important.

Everything that has happened recently has made me re-think this phrase because as you go along, you re literally focused on the next step and that I think is where we make the mistake & literally miss out on the small things in life.

For me life is now about the pit stops. Those short opportunities to connect & re-connect with the people in our lives.

Life is about those break downs. Not everything always goes to plan. That’s assuming you had a plan to start with.  Every so often, the car breaks down, if you’re lucky, it’s something small & you are back on the road in no time. Other times, your car may need a serious overall. That is when you have to make a plan B or C. That is when your perspective of what is important comes into focus.

And then of course there are the detours. In some provinces, the local government really is trying to sort out the road infrastructure. This means you end up in a stop & go which “takes up your time” or you end up having to drive a different route.

In all of these instances, as in life, you can complain, make yourself miserable, see only what’s wrong with the situation or you can choose to use the time to have a conversation, enjoy the scenery of a new road you have never travelled on.

What I’ve learned in the last few weeks is that planning six months ahead isn’t always necessary. Enjoying right here right now; sitting with hubby drinking a cup of tea is what really counts. IN a few months time I might not be able to do this.

Worrying about how my daughter is going t manage when she’s an adult takes away from the fact that she just came up to me and asked for a hug. That’s what’s really important.

Each and every day there are those little moments that are what makes life worthwhile. Maybe your plans for the day or week didn’t pan out as you hoped. That’s ok. Sometimes those pit stops, breakdowns & detours are designed so that we learn more about who we really are and what is really important.

So take the time & give yourself permission to breath in the air, see the difference in the scenery around you, enjoy the extra time you do have.

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