Genie Girls take Collectibles Trend into 2017

Genie Girls take Collectibles Trend into 2017

Collectibles were an enormous trend for 2017, especially with miniature ranges such as The Grossery Gang for boys and Shopkins and NumNoms for girls. The trend has run over into 2017 with new ranges being added to brands.

“Collectibles are in demand. Children love them because of their cute factor but also because they are fun to play with, fun to swap with friends and of course there is the pleasure and pride of watching the collection grow,” says Prima Toys, the leading toy and game importer and distributor in Southern Africa.

This year sees the launch of Genie Girls, a range of collectible figurines created especially for girls aged four and up. An added element of surprise is that each figurine comes with a secret colour change. Colour change is another craze to hit South African toy shelves. Parts of the Genie Girl, sometimes it’s the wings, sometimes the hair, change to a different colour when rubbed or when in contact with heat or warm water.

With Genie Girls part of the fun lies in making a wish and then rubbing the toy to see the magical transformation.

Genie Girls are available as follows:

Genie in a Bottle Collection


Genie Girls Figures in Foil Bag


Genie Girls Five Pack and Ten Pack


Genie Girls Glo Lantern


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