Cellfiled at The Workshop Reading Centre

Cellfiled at The Workshop Reading Centre

Cellfield is a treatment that addresses the underlying auditory and visual processing areas of the brain that are needed for reading.  Not only are gains of up to 23 months in decoding and up to 12 months in comprehension seen directly after the two-week treatment, but there is a continued, accelerated rate of improvement in the months that follow Cellfield.

Angela, owner of The Workshop Reading Centre, brought the Cellfield Reading Treatment into South Africa in 2005 after her nephew underwent the 10 sessions of Cellfield on the Gold Coast in Australia, where Cellfield was developed. Since then, Cellfield has been incorporated into the practices of Remedial Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Optometrists in Bedfordview, Linden, Sandton and Pretoria, with new licensees in the pipeline.

There are many programmes available to improve visual processing or auditory processing, but only Cellfield treats both simultaneously and strengthens the pathways between these areas, resulting in more automatic, fluent reading with better comprehension.

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