Amazing Products for Amazing Parents

Amazing Products for Amazing Parents

Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier

The Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier is made from 100% pure cotton.  This innovative beautiful, durable and comfortable Baby Sling, makes hands-free baby wearing easier for new moms and dads. The Hugseez Baby Carrier is so comfortable and secure for baby and without any troublesome buckles, belts or rings, it’s the comfy choice for parents too. Baby wearing is not only convenient, it’s an amazing way to bond with your growing child. 

The Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier is designed for little ones aged up to 18 months, keeping them close to their caregivers, as they discover the world around them. Using this Baby Sling, you can hold baby in a variety of different ways, affording you the opportunity to decide what works best for both of you.

More about the Hugseez baby carrier:

  • A wrap made from a soft & comfortable Cotton / Lycra Fabric Blend
  • Suitable for babies from newborn to 18 months
  • No buckles or rings – comfortable for Mom & Dad to wear
  • Spreads weight evenly across upper body – no strain on the back or shoulders
  • Supports Baby’s back & hips
  • Comfortable enough for Baby to sleep in
  • Allows for discreet breastfeeding

Why use a baby carrier?

There are many benefits to Baby Wearing. In traditional African culture, carrying babies in slings has long been the norm – and more and more parents from other cultures are discovering the benefits for themselves:

  • Unlike a stroller or removable car seat, Baby Slings give parents a hands-free way to take baby out & about
  • Slings give babies a better sense of security as they stay close to mom or dad while discovering the world
  • Carriers keep baby up at eye-level rather than down at knee-level.  This makes communication easier with your little one and helps them learn
  • Babies carried in slings tend to fuss and cry less 
  • Baby Slings are amazing bonding tools. Keeping little ones close to the bodies of their caregivers, helps them feel safe & loved

There are three comfortable ways to hold baby in the Hugseez Baby Wrap Carrier:

  • Newborn hold
  • Cradle hold
  • Cuddle hold

Baby Bath Lilo

Whether you’re a new mom or an experienced mom, bathing a newborn is a tricky ordeal that often requires a second pair of hands that also are often not available.

Whilst you don’t need to bath your baby every day, it is something that they enjoy and a time that you can use to bond with baby, so no reason why you shouldn’t. Bathing baby straight after a feed or if they’re tired is not advisable so make sure that you choose the best time to bath your baby.  

Prepare baby’s bath so that you have everything on hand prior to beginning

  • BabyLegends Bath Lilo
  • Baby bath filled with warm water
  • Two towels
  • Clean nappy
  • Clean clothes
  • Cotton wool

This is where the BabyLegends Bath Lilo proves to be the most innovative bath tool that you can ever buy for your baby bath times.  It can be used safely as you comfortably float your baby so that your hands are free to wash your bundle of joy.

BabyLegends Baby Bath Lilo is a must have cushion for all new-borns!  The Bath Cushion is designed to support newborns from their first bath until they can sit up at around 4 – 6 months.  BabyLegends recommends a weight capacity for the cushion of 2.5 to 8 kgs, suitable for from newborn to 6 months.

Filled with Poly Beads it is designed for your new born comfort at bath time as it actually floats in water!, leaving you hands free for more safe fun during bath time. The BabyLegends Baby Bath Lilo can also be used as a padded mat to stop baby rolling over and keep her/him feeling safe and snug.

The BabyLegends Baby Bath Lilo comes in four different colours to choose from, is fully machine washable and can be tumble-dried.

The Babylegends Bath Lilo is a great and practical gift idea for Moms with a new born and will be used more often than other gift ideas you may look for at the same price tag.

There are three words to describe bath-time with the BabyLegends Baby Bath Lilo … patience, time and cuteness!  A word of caution – never leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a second.

BabyLegends products can be bought online through our website

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