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TOPTOTS Mother and Child offers parents/caregivers weekly age appropriate classes, specialising in sensory motor activities, fine and gross motor skills, perceptual development, music, social interaction and creative messy play. Have fun while developing building blocks using mind, music and movement in our mother & child workshops. Franchises based nationwide.

The TOPTOTS programmes have been endorsed by paediatricians, psychologists and occupational therapists, to mention a few of the professionals who have had access to the programmes.

Since the day it opened, the business has shown strong, continued growth. There are now 25 franchised TOPTOTS workshops across South Africa and one very strong franchise in Dubai.

At TOPTOTS, we believe in continually improving our product to meet the demands of our clients, are in strong support of our team members, and partake in vigorous marketing, all to promote our underlying philosophy of ‘Grow with Love’.

During our classes, parents/ care givers learn how to teach their own children vital skills such as crossing the midline, bilateral hand function, problem-solving, auditory and visual discrimination and much more, as all classes are guided by a trained teacher using age-appropriate and fun activities. This provides both parents/ caregivers and children with a positive enriching experience during which they may bond and grow together.  Our activities are arranged according to the specific needs and age level of the child.  We understand what they can and cannot do and which areas are important to develop.  At Toptots we provide stimulating ideas with the emphasis on fun.

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Win a wonderful hamper consisting of two Toptots puzzles, Toptots book pack, cooler bag and juice bottle, set of maracas and a Toptots CD.

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