Review: Pregnancy Sense, Your Guide To A Sensible Pregnancy And A Sensational Birth

Review: Pregnancy Sense, Your Guide To A Sensible Pregnancy And A Sensational Birth

By Meg Faure, Jacky Searle and Heather Wood

Being pregnant, whether it’s for the first time or not, is the most extraordinary time in your life.  This is a time when we get to feel our connection to mother nature on a very deep and intimate level.  And not only mom-to-be, but dad as well.

Pregnancy Sense is a book written to not only champion and walk you through your pregnancy, it is filled with practical information to help reduce the anxiety that may stem from the unknown and help you make your choices with insight and flexibility.

The writers understand that pregnancy is a journey like no other.  Not only is it the start of a new human life, it is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way.  On a physical, emotional and social level.  In this enlightening book, they give you detailed information on your nutrition, wellbeing and emotions during this wonderful time, knowing that this plays such a large role in defining the rest of your baby’s life.

Going through the pages of Pregnancy Sense, you will find interesting facts about your baby’s birth and get to completely understand that this profoundly significant moment is one that you don’t ever get to repeat.  You will be empowered with knowledge and get to understand what choices are available to you.  You are encouraged to be actively involved in the process of your baby’s birth which will make a huge difference to your very personal experience.  “Ultimately it does not matter how your baby is born; what matters is how you experience it and that it is safe.”

Pregnancy Sense has covered every aspect of your pregnancy through to your unique birthing experience.  You will gain insight into :

  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Birth choices
  • Your growing baby week by week
  • Your changing body week by week
  • A guide to birth
  • Premature birth
  • Your newborn’s first days and weeks.

Available for purchase directly from Babysense you can visit their website

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