Review: 3D Sinthesiz 3D  Printing

Review: 3D Sinthesiz 3D Printing

Being pregnant is the most awe-inspiring time of your life.  It’s such an exciting time and parents-to-be spend many hours researching and following the progress of their little miracle.
With 3D printing, 3D Sinthesiz is now able to convert your 3D and 4D ultrasound files into your very own 3D sculpture of your unborn baby!  Now, meeting baby for the first time, doesn’t have to be at birth.  With technical advances in 3D printing, turning digital files into objects is a simple and relatively inexpensive option to capture a very special moment in the development of your baby.
3D Sinthesiz will mount your 3D print either in a block frame together with a print out of the 3D / 4D scan or separately in a beautiful stand-alone frame that will showcase your baby’s face perfectly!
3D Sinthesiz sent a sample to Parenting Hub and the feedback that we received was so positive.
”I just love this idea!  My daughter is expecting her first baby and it’s the first grandchild in our family. Can’t wait for her to have her 4D scan, I’m going to have one of these 3D prints made for her and one for myself!”
“This new and innovative idea is so exciting.  Wish it was available to us when we were pregnant.”
“What a lovely way to capture a special moment in time!”
Prints are available in 100mm to 120mm in size. There are 3 colours that you can choose from and they are displayed in a 300mm x 200mm box frame, which includes a sonogram picture and the 3D Print. Options for colour of frame are available on the order form.  Because the process has been simplified and perfected by 3D Sinthesiz, the waiting period from final approval is only between 3 and 5 days.
Check out their website on to place your order.

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