Review: Toby Tower Kids

Review: Toby Tower Kids

When it comes to educational fun, Parenting Hub highly recommends Toby Tower Kids educational toys!

Children love science because it allows them to use their imaginations and takes them on a journey of exploration.  The Little Scientist range from Toby Tower Kids requires some assistance from parents for little ones who cannot yet read.  This of course is a great chance for spending good quality bonding time together. 

With The Little Scientist range, children are able to create their own crystal trees, colouring their crystals, packing them into little moulds and seeing the results of their handiwork once the crystal trees dry.   


“Claude is having some difficulty with her fine motor co-ordination. The Little Scientist Crystal Moulds is an enjoyable way to get him to focus and use his fingers to create something special for himself and emily.”

“With 8 different coloured erasable pens to choose from, my 7 year old twins Emily and Claude, had such fun playing in the bath.  The opportunity to draw on the bath and tiles knowing that they wouldn’t get into trouble, was something they just couldn’t wait to do!  And of course, Dad had to join in and great fun was had, creating cute little drawings and washing them away!”  This is what Theresa had to say when asked to get Emily and Claude to try Toby Tower Bath Time Crayons and let Parenting Hub know what they thought. 

bath pens

Now making music can mean many hours of entertainment for your little one without the expense of music lessons.  Toby Tower Water Flutes give kids a chance to experiment with music and learn to play songs during bath time. The flutes can be tuned with water to create a variety of songs, and they come with easy to follow music sheets.


Toby Tower recommends that children play with the Toby Tower Water Flutes in the bath.  However, we gave these to our three toddlers, all under the age of 6.  Set them up outside in the garden with a few buckets of water, and left them to enjoy making a noise.  Needless to say, they spent the whole afternoon, getting wet and having great fun!  

Sand Art has always intrigued children and now Toby Tower Kids has a range where they can create different animals – zebras, rhinos and springboks.  They can create their own South African flag which is really cool and make a picture of a South African taxi and our beautiful Table Mountain.  With Toby Tower Kids Sand Art, you know that you’re going to be able to keep them occupied for hours!   

sand art

Thank you Toby Tower Kids, for creating such wonderful educational toys for our little ones.  They encourage children to use their imaginations without even knowing that they are learning in the process.

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