Review: Kneepal, the Knee Saver is Here

Review: Kneepal, the Knee Saver is Here

Kneepal PosterAt last, something for both mom and dad!  Kneepal, the knee saver is here!  Made of the finest grade water-repellent PVC foam for shock absorption and durability, the Kneepal is moulded with love to cradle and cushion knees for stability and support.

Also available in various trendy colours, the Kneepal can be used for :

  • Bathing baby
  • Cleaning floors
  • Gardening
  • Changing tyres
  • General DIY

The team at Parenting Hub were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Kneepal, being so versatile, can be used for kneeling on anything such as cold tiles or wet towels.  Bath-time will no longer be uncomfortable when you have the Kneepal available and it’s the perfect present for babyshowers!

For the avid gardener, we just know that Kneepal will be perfect, offering not only back-support, but because it’s weatherproof, it can be used all year round.  And of course, the added advantage is that your knees are saved from the discomfort of bruising as well as keeping your clothes mud and dirt-free.

Essential to any house-hold, the Kneepal can be used by everyone, whether it’s to tighten a nut or bolt or cleaning the pool filter – it’s lightweight and portable, making it the perfect but essential gadget to have in your home.

We all know the discomfort from extended periods of time on our knees. Protecting our knees is really important and the Kneepal has been specifically designed to protect knees and provide high levels of comfort while kneeling.

The beauty of Kneepal is that it can be used inside as well as outside, in fact anywhere.  Highly recommended by the team at Parenting Hub, once you’ve tried Kneepal, you’ll never kneel without it again!

Locally produced the Kneepal can be purchased from or we invite you to visit the website to find a store nearest to you.


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