Review: The Flying Pan

Review: The Flying Pan

IMG_6661As a busy mom I find it really nice to have a day off from cooking every now and then, but having family members who are either Banting or very health conscious, most conventional take away foods just don’t suit us. When I heard about the Flying Pan I decided to give them a try.

They have a menu that spans over 2 weeks, with something different each day. Very conveniently, besides the classic version of the meal, which the kids and my mom loved, there is also low carb, which was perfect for my hubby and I. None of us are vegetarian, but they have that option too.

The website is very user friendly, thank goodness, as I am not the most tech savvy person around.. As we had a busy week ahead, I ordered all at the same time for 3 days. The payment process is  pain free and I could choose to pay via EFT, COD, SnapScan or PayFast. Entering my address and personal details was a once off and in future it will all be there.


On Monday a friendly driver arrived with our 5 meal packages for that evening. The meal for Monday was Tikka Chicken and, oh my word, was it nice! Even my mom who doesn’t really like hot food, spoke about it for days afterwards. For her, I simply mixed in a bit of plain yoghurt; my kids didn’t find it too hot at all.

Wednesday and Friday’s meals were equally tasty and the meat and chicken was cooked to perfection.

If I was living alone I would actually order this every night, I am sure the amount of electricity that one wastes cooking for 1 or 2 people is probably more than the bit extra you pay to have someone else cook for you and the food is simply delicious. Even for a big family like mine, it is so worth it to be able to have some extra quality time with the kids and also gives me the opportunity to put in an extra hour or two of work when needed.

Watch out Flying Pan, I will definitely be back soon.

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