Party Treats for Children

Party Treats for Children

Penguin books sent along a beautifully illustrated book filled with amazingly easy party treats to make for childrens’ birthday parties.  As always the team at Parenting Hub, had such fun going through each page and taking ideas to use for their own children when next their birthdays arrive.

Children absolutely love themed parties.  There’s always great excitement leading up to the day and naturally the more you involve them in the planning and preparation, the more excited they’re going to be.  This fantastic book from Penguin Books has ideas so simple, that you can let your little ones join in the fun of making some of the treats that will be served at their party.

Really cool stuff like easy dinosaur cupcakes and dinosaur kebabs, snakes on a branch and lollipop tracks, are just some of the crazy but simple treats that you can get your child involved in making.  Such a nice way of giving them that feeling of independence and sense of achievement when they can tell their friends that they made their own party treats.

Coming up with a party theme is a synch with this book, Party Treats for Children.  With the many ideas to choose from you aren’t restricted to age or gender and that’s what makes it such a must have in your toolbox of party tricks.  Each theme includes a centrepiece that can take the place of the traditional birthday cake as well as a variety of treats made from ice cream cones, marshmallows, water biscuits, finger biscuits, lollipops and Rice Krispies that will delight small party-goers.

Party Treats for Children has been written by Janette Mocke who has been baking since she was a child.  After producing a number of successful cakes for family and friends, including her own wedding cake, she decided to turn her hobby into a business and what a great decision that was.  Janette is so creative and through her books and appearances on various television programmes, she has demonstrated how easy it is to create simple, affordable party treats.

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