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I have worked with children my entire life up to this point in time.  I have raised four children, and at present, have seven grandchildren, I was a children’s librarian, worked at a day care facility, pre-schools, private school system, and many years at public school systems.  I have a dual certification in special education and elementary education.  I […]

Colic is extremely common, affecting between one and three out of ten babies1, often causing excessive and inconsolable crying when your baby appears to be otherwise perfectly healthy. Although colic is temporary and doesn’t cause any harm to your baby, it can last until they are 3-4 months old, which can be exhausting and distressing […]

Your role as “Providing Parent” is a lot more work that you initially thought it would be and you just don’t get around to doing all the things you want to do.  You feel best when all your chores are completed perfectly and your children have had your undivided attention…but that hasn’t happened in a […]

Bullying takes root in children, who many times have been the victims of intimidation themselves. To soothe their own injured spirits, they appear to have the need to wound another person. It might have to do with gaining back some semblance of power into their lives. It might also stem from their desire to overcome […]

It takes perseverance to steer and guide the child throughout their childhood. Iron-clad skin is a must, along with the ability to exhibit extreme effort in most circumstances. Demonstrating an endless capacity to forgive, and to be dependable twenty-four seven are definite qualifications. We cannot omit a limitless time for talking and listening and patience […]