6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained

6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained

Here are some creative ideas for you to enjoy with your kids during the wintery months:

Colouring In

Yes colouring in has become the latest craze for adults too. Either buy a colouring in book for adults or you can print off a black and white illustration that you like from the internet. You can always go to the copy shop and have a picture enlarged. Get some kokis and pencil crayons and ready get set draw.

Chalkboard Shapes

Go to your local hardware store and buy a wooden heart or other  flat wooden shapes that you like. Buy some chalkboard paint. You can use the black paint but i prefer the pretty pastel colours. Paint your shapes, let them dry. Buy some coloured chalk and then you can write cute notes to your child. If you want to make a proper memo board simply buy a larger size and you can paint on the word memo at the top.

20140816_084751_resized_1Memo Holders

Buy some wooden pegs. You can paint them in different colours with craft or acrylic paint if you wish. You will need some small colourful pompoms and googly eyes and glue from your local craft store. When the pegs are dry simply glue on the pompoms with the googley eyes and then you have a quirky note holder.Your kids can also draw flowers or hearts which they can then cut out and stick on the pegs.


For this project you will need plaster of paris,a chocolate box tray or silicone ice tray,small round magnets which you can buy at the hardware store and either craft or acrylic paint. You will mix the plaster of paris and pour into the moulds. Just before it dries you will put on the magnets.You can also always stick the magnets afterwards when the plaster of paris is dry. Pop the plaster of paris out the moulds and paint your very own designs on your magnets. Place on your fridge and enjoy.

Glass Decorations20150211_163625_resized

We made these for Valentine’s day but they work well for decorations as well. You will need wooden flat hearts or other wooden shapes. You can paint them with craft paint and leave to dry. Then you need glue and some pretty glass beads which you will stick on your wooden shape.You can buy some pretty ribbon which you can stick on the back. Everyone needs a bit of bling.


You can buy paper plates. Cut them in half and make sure that you cut to holes for your eyes and a curve so that the mask can sit comfortably above your nose. You will need glitter,paint,pencil and stickers to decorate your mask.You will also need either ribbon or string which you will attach to the inside of the sides of the mask. You can create various masks such as fancy venetian masks or you can create animal masks such as lions or cats.

I hope you enjoy some of these ideas. Please feel free to post your pictures on the Bright Star Creations facebook page if you make some of the projects.

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