Photo Competition Announcement

Photo Competition Announcement

Dear Readers,

At the close of the February photo competition yesterday, our system and loyal readers notified Management of irregularities regarding votes on various children’s photo’s.  It is most upsetting that an experience created for fun can upset people the way that it has, all because rules cannot be adhered to.  It is clearly stated that we will not tolerate cheating of any kind and after inspecting each vote entered, many votes have been deemed to have contravened the rules.   The winner will be based only on legal votes.

What many do not realise is that this creates not only added stress on our Management team but on our prize sponsors as well.  Parenting Hub work hard to ensure that we provide lovely prizes each month for our readers and when competitions are handled by readers in the way that they have been not only does it make prize sponsorship even harder to achieve but it is incredibly demoralising for the staff at Parenting Hub as well.

In an effort to ensure that votes cannot be cheated, we have instituted a new vote verification process.  Prior to the system change yesterday, vote tracking worked by means of IP address tracking.  This means that each time that the reader casts a vote, the system kept a record of that IP address that was associated with that particular picture.  Since it is fairly easy to cheat the system by resetting your IP address each time, we have made the following changes.

All photo competitions in future will use a three way verification process.

  1. The first step is to create an account and sign in each and every time that you vote.
  2. The second verification is that the system will keep a record of your IP address to ensure that only one vote is cast per account each time.
  3. Lastly, you will only be able to cast a vote be accessing the competition page from the Parenting Hub homepage.  I.e. You will have to navigate to and then locate your competition from the competition menu button.

Whilst we appreciate that the best systems in the world are not fool proof, we have been forced to institute these stringent measures in the hopes that we can curb competitors being tempted to cheat in the future.   Again, we request that all voters conduct themselves in a manner that their children would be proud of.

Please take note that our decision is final and any abuse postings, email correspondence or abusive comments on this post, will note be tolerated.

If you would like to increase your votes, we would suggest that you make use of the social sharing facilities.  We have previously had a winner who used this method and achieved fantastic results!

Disqualified entrants were based on multiple votes having been submitted within a few minutes of each vote.  Please do understand that we do not like the position that we have been put in and noting the child’s names publicly.  We have placed the logs online as well for you to view should you wish to.

Disqualified entrants:

The winners in each category are:

Pregnant: Desire

Baby: Joshua

Toddler: Saziway0

Child: Leoney

Please could all the winners get in touch with us via email at to arrange delivery of your prizes.  Should you wish to enter the new photo competitions with the new systems in place, please ensure that you email us with a recent fully clothed photo of your child, stating their name and age and we will ensure that your photo is loaded.

A special thank you to all our loyal readers and fan’s that we have both on the Parenting Hub platform as well as our social network pages.  It is because of you that we will continue to work to ensure that our platforms not only bring knowledge to you but that we ensure that everyone is treated fairly at all times.

Kind Regards,

Parenting Hub Management


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