Easter Crafts- Make a Bunny Box

Easter Crafts- Make a Bunny Box

An easy to make bunny box! 


  • Bunny box template
  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Bone Folder- available at any crafts store
  • Sweet treats to fill


  1. Download the bunny box template and enlarge to 250 percent when printing, you will have to print this template in pieces and tape it together. Once you have assembled the template, cut it out on the solid lines using a craft knife not forgetting to cut out the slots in the large tabs.
  2. Trace around the template on a piece of large cardboard. For the template to fit on the page, line your bunny ears up to the corner of the cardboard.
  3. Using the bone folder, score the cardboard along the template’s dotted lines.
  4. Cut out the shape you have traced on the cardboard. Cut the slots in the large tables as marked in the template.
  5. Fold upward at the centre square; score lines to create the box. To close the box, bring the bunny tabs to meet in the cent, and align the bunnies. It may be necessary to press the bunny downward in order to easily fit them through the slot.
  6. Fill the box with your sweet treats!

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