Easter Craft- Honey Bunny Bookmark

Easter Craft- Honey Bunny Bookmark

We love this!


  • Honey bunny bookmark Template
  • Thick paper
  • Self seal laminate sheets- found at any craft store
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Side cutters
  • Hole punch
  • Photo of child


  1. Print out the honey bunny bookmark template
  2. Laminate both sides of the paper using self-seal laminate sheets
  3. Cut out bookmark
  4. Wrap white pipe cleaners around the arms, ears and head of cutout
  5. Clip the wire and tuck in the ends when finished
  6. To make the head, punch a hold to make a disk from the same sheet of paper used to cut out the template
  7. Use hole punch to make a hole in the centre of the disk
  8. Twist the pipe cleaners through the hole in the disk
  9. Cut out picture of your child
  10. Apply glue to the back of the photo and attach to the photo disk
  11. Apply glue to the edge of the disk and attach the body

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