Welcome to Dr. Drew Brain

Welcome to Dr. Drew Brain

Have you ever wondered what raindrops really look like?  Did you know that water is the only commodity that is lighter when it is in a solid state, which is ice?  And that’s the reason why ice floats!  Everyone has seen the Mentos Volcano – but what causes this amazingly huge overflow of cooldrink when mixed with a simple Mentos Mint?

Asking “Why?” is most children’s favourite question.  And it should be!  Children have such wonderful enquiring minds and they’re always wanting to know how things work; what makes the world the way it is; why are things in the world the way they are?  Sometimes these difficult questions can catch a parent off-guard, like “Mom why is that lady so fat?”

But mostly and fortunately, science has an explanation for everything and we’re so excited to introduce you to Dr Drew Brain who will be featured each week on Parenting Hub.  Dr Drew has the ability to ignite and excite little minds and has lots of stimulating and electrifying ideas and experiments that he’ll be sharing with us.  So encourage your children to read his column and to write to him with their questions or to share fun and entertaining experiments that other children can try at home.

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