Moms and Dads that get inked

Moms and Dads that get inked

I am not afraid to admit I have always had a slight obsession with tattoos. I don’t have one of my own but have wanted one for as long as I can remember. 15 Years on and I still remain tattooless but not for a lack of cojones but more for the fact that I have no idea what I want commemorated forever on my skin. I need to be 100% sure before committing for the rest of my life.

I love the idea of tattoos that represent one’s children. That is a love that will never change so seems like perfectly good subject to get permanently marked with for the rest of your life.

Some Parenting Hub fans shared their stories and what, how and why they got tattooed in honour of their children and loved ones.

antheaDeAbreu2I have a tattoo on my left wrist in memory of my first baby who only lived for 6 hours, Byron.  Included was an infinity sign with a feather – the feather is because of my angels, and his name is written in the infinity sign. He would have been 21 on the 12th November 2012, and it has taken me a while to do this.  I have had the tattoo for 3 months (pretty much for his 21st). Since Byron was born and passed on, I have had 3 other children.  Dylan 20 years, Skye 19 years and now Indigo who is 7. My older son and daughter have tattood Byron on themselves too, even though they never met him, they acknowledge their big brother.” – Anthea


marilaide“Me and hubby decided to get our “wedding rings” tattoo-ed for our 10th wedding anniversary. At the end my, hubby and little one’s name starts with ‘M’ … So we tattoo-ed  ‘M 3’.”

– Marilaide




“After my son (my second and last child) was born I went and got a tattoo on my wrist in the form of a bracelet. It has my son’s names on top, a heart on the side, then my daughter’s name on the inside of my wrist and then another heart on the other side. I love it, its my own design, my own writing copied carbon copy to my wrist. It is something that i never get tired of looking at. I work ten hours a day at work, so I constantly get a visual, which makes me smile often, and it doubles up because it looks like a bracelet.” – Nikita

“Since High School I have always wanted a tattoo but could never find anything really worth of forever engraved on my body……I love Faeries and Magic and that sort of thing…but….nahhhh….It still did not really MEAN anything to me.

So my baby girl, Kathryntjie were born on the 9th of February 2011 and I just knew then that I will be tattooing her name somewhere on my skin so I can always have something of hers with me. She is the Love of my life and so, a year after her birth, just after her first birthday I decided that it is now time!! Went to Cape Town for a quick holiday and had my tat done there.

I nearly fainted and they had to give me coke and a lollipop hehehee, what a PANSY!!! I know, but it was all worth it, as I do not regret one single day of having it.  It is beautifull and when I look at it I smile. I get that warm feeling of AWWEEESOME BIG HEARTED LOVE!!  I am now thinking of maybe putting a teeny tiny little fairy at the end of her name or maybe a heart. She is my fairy princess, she is just as fragile and dainty as the font used in the tattoo.” – Maritsa


And here is one for the dads…

Photo-0153As Elvis Blue is on the charts and in the news for opening for Bon Jovi I think you would enjoy the fact that I was part of the Team that organised the Elvis Blue Rock Festival at Hartbeespoort Dam. That is where I got Shannon Valley and Kyla Doll tats of my Daughters. Do it at a rock concert oh yeah? – Mark





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