Monthly Archives: January 2013

There is much written about the journey of infertility and the emotional roller-coaster that one goes through.  There is also a lot of literature and support available, whether it be on-line or from friends and family.  There is empathy – albeit it often misplaced and unintentionally wrongly communicated. However, there is very little written and […]

Infertility is a universal problem that impacts many people across the world.  It is also a growing problem in spite of medical science developing new methods daily for improving treatment.  There are some common myths, shared by men and women alike about infertility.  These myths seem to transgress cultural boundaries, and appear to be universal. […]

My husband and I have live under constant scrutiny for our helicopter parenting style. Not only don’t other parents understand, but many of them don’t even care to try. Just like the extra effort needed to stay involved in their children’s lives, it isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. Please don’t misunderstand and think […]

Springtime is wonderful, bringing glorious, sunny days filled with fun! It is time to pack away warm, winter clothes, to put on a swimming costume and run through the sprinklers. Unfortunately, it is also during this time when it is more likely for our little girls to complain about an ‘itch down there’. Reassuringly, it […]